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Homemade Valentine's Day

In a couple of weeks, Valentine's Day will be here! A happy time of the year, but one that can be hard on ladies who want to have a special time, but don't have the money to go out for the nice, formal dinner you would love. Or maybe you are looking for an alternative to consumerism and commercialized holidays, or possible are just tired and want to have an evening at home!

Here are a few suggestions of ways you can have a special, romantic day with your spouse or boyfriend, without breaking your budget, or getting on the proverbial chocolate and flower wagon.

First, we suggest making your own dinner at home. It can be so much more enjoyable than going out, and if you're not a cook, then buy some tasty cheeses and salamis, add some fresh vegetables, fruit and crackers, and you've got a fun, easy, and tasty meal. If you are into cooking, then don't tax yourself with some in-depth recipe from Pinterest, but do something easy; bake some salmon, grill a couple of steaks, saute some chicken and have delicious salads topped with feta, pecans, cranberries, spinach, etc. When you cook at home, you can buy more expensive foods like steak, and still spend way less then at a restaurant! Easy sides are baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, salad, rice and broccoli. Once you've got your main course made (and aren't exhausted from trying out some 30 step recipe from the internet) you can make a simple dessert.

Next, the atmosphere. This is the easiest part! Light candles, put out a nice table cloth, make some special drink, hang some paper lanterns from the ceiling, find some romantic pictures of you and your sweetheart to set one the table, put on your favorite romantic music, and enjoy!

Wouldn't you rather have a quiet evening together than be in a busy restaurant with dozons of people? If you aren't sure yet, read on!

Instead of cut flowers, ask your romantic partner to give you bulbs to plant, or a potted house plant. They can be bought fairly cheaply, and can last for years, instead of days.

For decorating, find some old handkerchiefs, which nearly every antique store has, and display them as we show here, or by lining a basket with them so they hang over the edge.

Presents for Him? Try making his favorite candy at home, and wrapping it up nicely! I guarantee he'll like some homemade fudge or cookies more than store bought chocolates. ( For the best coconut bonbon recipe ever, subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the main page!) Other gifts include a gift certificate, doing some task he's been putting off, or bringing him coffee in bed for a week. Use your ingenuity, you know your man best!

You can create a beautiful, memorable Valentine's Day by just using the things you have around you, and putting forth a little effort to make the day special. There are all kinds of neat ideas for cheap, creative things to make the day more festive. You can even have a Valentine's breakfast instead of dinner! Whatever you decide to do, we hope that your day is filled with love and sweet memories.


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