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in just spring*

After a rather bleak winter, it's good to see sunshine and plants that are blooming. The redbuds that line our drive are about to burst into full bloom, the new daffodils that were planted last fall are blooming and looking so pretty, and it's always fun to see what comes up that we didn't plant. This year, that is two bleeding hearts. I've planted them in years past but not in the location they are currently. They must have been packaged with other plants but I'll certainly take them no matter their origin. The spirea and butterfly bush planted last year appear to have succumbed to the ministrations of two Great Pyrennes puppies but the Limelight hydrangea is doing well!

We participated in a Fiber Fair held at a local museum in March and the West Virginia Herb Festival the last weekend in March. I picked up some nettle and sedum plants to use for dyeing and some ginseng seeds to plant in the woods for much later.

We have a couple of new products that we will be adding to our shop soon - organic cotton French string market bags and organic fair trade cotton canvas shopping bags. What I love about these shopping bags are the 6 interior pockets that will hold Mason jars. So if you do bulk shopping or go on picnics and use canning jars, this is a nice way to carry them without them bumping into one another and possibly cracking. They have a roomy rectangular bottom to allow for more items (aside from the jars) as well. They've been scoured and mordanted so it's time to reactivate the indigo vat and eat lots more avocados to use the pits for dyeing!

Elisabeth has tomato, pepper, and lots of different flowers seedlings started inside and greens are coming up in the garden. There's just so much to be done!!

If you're looking for a nice filler for Easter baskets, and you're wanting to use natural products that can be used year after year, try one of our silk scarves. They bunch up nicely to hold gifts, can be used as a scarf throughout the year or played with by a child in their dress-up box.

*title from a poem by e. e. cummings

- table runner pictured above is linen dyed with alkanet


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