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Mid-Winter (almost Spring)

** Valentine card painted by Elisabeth**

With days getting a bit longer, Spring doesn't feel too far away. Bulbs are pushing up out of the ground, birds are singing in the morning, and the suns peeps out just enough to whet our appetite for more. There has been a lot of preparation for gardens this year, most recently with ordering 6 David Austin roses for the gardens . While we wait for roses, fruit trees, and sugar maples to arrive, there are beds to prepare, seeds to start, and trees and bushes to prune.

A (low carb) strawberry cheesecake for our Valentine's celebration. My chocolate drizzling skills are in great need of improvement.

We experimented dyeing with chlorophyllin, an extract from green plants such as spinach or nettles, and then dried to a powder. When dyeing with plants, there are variations in the color with darker spots occurring where the fabric was folded or where some the dye had settled. These artistic variations in color are welcomed as they add to the originality of each piece. It's exciting to dye with natural dyes and see what beautiful unexpected results occur. These new bags make a nice purse or even an Easter "basket" for all kinds of goodies.

**orchid purchased at Ikea**

My big winter project is to label, organize, and move all of my photos to photo boxes. For many years, I labeled all photos and put them in albums - each girl had her own set and then we had a set. And then smartphones came along and I only printed photos once a year. Those were the years I was so busy with homeschooling, music lessons, and farm activities that I put printed pictures in a box, just certain that I would never forget when those of Katharine with her Scottish claymore were taken. Or those of Elisabeth and her (first set of) goats. Umm, that didn't turn out exactly as I planned. So I wouldn't mind if winter lasted just a bit longer to complete this project.


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