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New Days

The bluebirds are playing on the clothesline and the cardinal tree is in full bloom with 6 birds on the bare branches and 3 shuffling through the leaves below. The advent of a new year leaves them undisturbed. They have few plans to make, few resolutions to list.

In the house, there's some sickness to overcome and daily work always waiting - sheets to launder, bread to make, floors to clean, mail that needs attention. These daily tasks give us a rhythm to glide through our time, complete this step, give a twirl and then on to the next.

I didn't make gifts for anyone this year other than requested food items - fudge, cookies. My offerings aren't in rhythm with the desires of my gift list, so I save the quilting, knitting, and spinning projects for other times. I have only a couple of book lovers on the list so one of my favorite gift ideas has diminished. Things go in cycles. I recently read that bookstores were on the rise. Is it possible that there will come a time when, once again, we can go sit down in a bookstore and look through the piles of books we've selected to decide what to purchase? To hold the book in your hand and see if that's the particular edition you want or if you want the one with the different illustrations? What bliss!

The rain makes our dogs especially muddy and so we dart from side to side to avoid them as we head outside, calling, "good girls, good dogs!" I don't believe dogs make plans, they just enjoy their life and their owners. Maybe that a good plan for my own year. Perhaps, I'll hear, "good girl", if I do so.



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